Work that suits your skills and ambition

When you are working, you are developing yourself. Of course you wish to grow and follow your ambitions. What is fun and exciting for you today, might not satisfy you tomorrow. Therefore, it is important to always be aware of your skills and ambitions you pursue.

An example is the course for ATEX inspector. You have to be specifically trained to be able to fulfill ATEX inspections. As an electrician this could be a next step in your career. And a next step is always possible! At InAxtion we are happy to give you the opportunity to keep developing yourself.

Therefore, you have a fixed point of contact that is your consultant. This is the person you can contact when you wish to grow in your career. You can discuss this at any time during your employment or when you start working with us.

Know what gives you energy

We advise you to analyze what gives you energy. There are days you come home from work sufficed. What was the reason for this? But also the days that are less satisfactory. What was causing this? By analyzing the working days, you will soon find out what gives you energy. At InAxtion we find it very important that you are happy at work. It is therefore very valuable that you discuss this with your consultant at InAxtion. When you are our colleague, we will always take your needs into account.

We want to work with you long term

Unsurprisingly, we want to work long term with our people. We want you to feel good about yourself and that you enjoy your work. We only achieve this when you enjoy your work at the projects and are skilled to fulfill the tasks. It is therefore very important to be in close contact with your consultant. Discuss what makes you enjoy your work, what your ambitions are or perhaps which concerns you have. We will always take this into consideration when placing you at a project.

You can contact your consultant in the way that suits you best: via email, by calling, by coming by the office or by sending a quick WhatsApp message. Or if you want a regular contact moment, indicate that. Or, of course, discuss it when we start working together.

We are happy to guide you through your whole career! Contact your consultant or start a cooperation with us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!