We opt for CO2 neutral

People, planet and profit as a directive for corporate social responsibility; InAxtion has been been working in accordance with these principles for several years. We also want to make a significant contribution to the protection of our environment and the fight against climate change. This makes our decision regarding copying and printing pools simple: we picked Toshiba.


Printing and copying without CO2 emission, from production of the system up to the contracted in-use printing volume: Toshiba TEC allows for this with a new initiative for multifunctional printers. By world-wide participation in green projects, the emission of CO2 is neutralised. This unique initiative for the market has been developed in collaboration with the specialised company CO2balance. Apart from the green effects, the programme also offers economic benefits. Toshiba invests in projects that compensate the CO2 emission for the amount of the CO2 emission tax of the multifunctional in question. Participation in this initiative (the Toshiba CO2 emission neutral programme) neutralises the emission of many tons of CO2 emission.


Green projects supported by Toshiba include: the African stove project. This project supplies energy-saving stoves to villages in Kenya; the Somercombe wood project works on reforesting land owned by CO2balance, in order to reabsorb CO2 in a natural way; the Indian wind energy project generates electricity using wind turbines distributed over various provinces of India; and the micro-hydropower project in China which replaces fossil fuel with hydro-electric power plants in the Chinese rivers. In the end, we need to make sure together that we and the next generations are moving towards a healthy future. Not only by looking at what we can do ourselves, but also by choosing for collaborating with a CO2 certified company. Would you like to know more? Feel free to contact us to discuss a healthy future and a healthy collaboration.