The Why Behind InAxtion

There are two ways to view what we do at InAxtion. To our clients, we’re an employment agency – a trusted partner delivering highly-skilled professionals and building long-term relationships. To our employees, we’re a reliable employer offering placements across a range of sectors including utilities, ship construction, energy, and infrastructure.

There’s an influx of talent entering the Netherlands from other EU member states. The fact is that much of this talent gets overlooked, and skilled workers end up in low paid and low skilled temporary jobs. So at InAxtion, we take a different approach.

Who we hire and where

We’re a technical recruitment agency based throughout the Netherlands, specializing in hiring engineers for electrical installations and mechanical engineering projects – such as steel construction and pipe fitting. Today, our network consists of over 650 staff.

Our company began 25 years ago, offering employment opportunities for electrical and instrumentation (E&I) specialists and mechanical engineers from Germany and the Netherlands. Today we’ve expanded into Eastern Europe to countries including Croatia, Romania, and Poland.

We always look for a minimum of 2 years experience within a particular industry. Once an employee is onboarded, we deliver training opportunities to help our workforce thrive and grow. Sometimes, workers even become recruiters themselves – using their industry expertise to help guide new employees into temporary roles.

We take a caring approach

We know that many workers leave friends and family behind in their home country in search of better paid work. So we aspire to be more than an employer to newcomers to the Netherlands. We consider ourselves to be our employees’ Dutch family.

For that reason, we go above and beyond to help our employees make the transition into the Dutch way of life, offering support through our extended network of clients and assignments. Our business model means there is always work available. There is rarely a gap in employment, and we aim to provide long term employment opportunities.

Alongside our dedication to employee well-being, we’re also committed to the well-being of our planet, reducing CO2 emissions and working towards operational sustainability. As a member of the Netherlands Carbon Neutral organization, our aim is to become a fully carbon-neutral entity.

How temporary employment works

European citizens can work anywhere within the European Union (EU). However, each member state has its own regulations around employment contracts. In the Netherlands, temporary employment contracts are offered through private employment agencies such as InAxtion.

When they need to hire temporary staff, companies turn to employment agencies who source and hire suitably skilled workers. Agency workers are not employed through the company. The agency handles the pay and contracts, and the company is responsible for supervision and safety in the workplace.

InAxtion is one of 1,300 organizations in the Netherlands belonging to the NBBU – a professional body that supports the flexible labor market, and helps providers of work placements ensure the best for their clients and contractors.

We take a phased approach to employment. In the first year, workers have a flexible contract. If that’s successful, employees move onto a permanent contract with no specified end date. Over 50% of InAxtion’s workforce is permanently employed.

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