The Right Connections: What It’s Really Like To Work For InAxtion

Electrical engineer – Sebastian Groza – and his father first came to the Netherlands from Romania in 2018. During the pandemic, the pair began working for inAxtion, and they haven’t looked back since. We caught up with Sebastian to discover more about his experience of inAxtion. 

How did you get started at inAxtion?

I started my career as an electrician through an apprenticeship with my father’s business in Timişoara, Romania. In the Netherlands, my father and I usually work as a team. That’s because, for safety reasons, work is done in pairs. We joined inAxtion in 2021 after my consultant told me about an opening in the Netherlands. 

I always make a joke about what I do – I know how to connect two cables. The important thing is I know which two cables to connect first! ‘Electrician’ is a broad job title. Generally speaking, we do data, fiber optics, and the Internet. 

With inAxtion, I’ve had chances to work on a variety of projects. Right now, I’m working on fire installations – ventilation systems that detect smoke in the air. Previously, I’ve done a mixture of industrial and commercial projects. 

As an electrician, I can find work anywhere. In the digital age, data centers are popping up everywhere and technology keeps evolving. Electricians are always in demand. I’ve chosen to work abroad to earn more money. Leaving home to work in another country  – and leaving everything you have behind – is a big step. 

So far, what have you enjoyed most?

Ever since I first arrived in the Netherlands, I’ve loved the people and the country. Even though I do what’s seen as a ‘blue collar’ job, I’ve been surprised by the amount of respect people have shown me. They see what I do as important – both inside and outside the workplace.

Safety standards in the Netherlands are very high. On one project, we were moving heavy cables for most of the day. The supervisor gave us an extra break before we finished working for the day! They explained that it’s important to avoid injury so that you can keep working until the project is over. If someone gets injured or hurt, then they’re not able to perform their duties. Safety comes first! 

I’ve also had the chance to travel. Two years ago, I worked on a project in Poland. So I got to see Warsaw whilst working – which was great! 

How has inAxtion supported you?

If I have any questions – basic things – my consultant will always help me. InAxtion is a support network.

Each country in the EU has its own rules and regulations. In the Netherlands, one example is the VCA – the safety, health, and environment checklist for contractors. I already had VCA certification before I joined inAxtion – but I know from other qualified professionals – mechanics, electricians, and plumbers – that inAxtion provided them with the training materials needed for the VCA. 

To get better projects, you need accreditations, and relevant training to show you can meet certain standards – such as working at height. Whatever’s necessary, inAxtion can help you get the right training.

I stay in the Netherlands most of the time – going home several times a year – and inAxtion has helped with accommodation. With inAxtion, you might have one big project or five or six smaller ones. The great thing about working for inAxtion is that they help you find accommodation closer to work. That’s a massive plus!    

Any advice for new workers? 

When you’re going to a foreign country to work, think carefully about whether it’s right for you. Some people can’t live without their friends and family for long periods of time — three to six months may be too long to be away. Also, you might need to learn a new language – I’m learning Dutch – which inAxtion has helped me with. But almost everyone here speaks English. 

Some employment agencies don’t always have new projects available when you need them. inAxtion is different. It has a steady stream of new projects coming in. Sometimes there might be a short wait but there’s always a new project around the corner! 

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