Nice, you are starting a project with us. And then? This is what you can expect!

Once your consultant confirms you can start at a project, your journey begins. How will you travel to the Netherlands?

Good to know is, that we reimburse your travel expenses in your contract. This allows you to travel to your home country several times a year. We think it is important that you can see your family if you wish so. Do you need help with your trip to the Netherlands? Ask your consultant for advice.

What do you need to bring?

What do you need to bring with you? Think about tools and PPE (personal protective equipment) such as a helmet, work shoes, hearing protection, gloves. If you come by plane, it may not be convenient to bring your tools. If we know in advance, we can arrange tools for you to use. That will save you some travel weight.

A laptop might come in handy. In this modern world, some projects request to make a safety test at home. It is probably nice to have a bigger screen than just your phone. Also some courses such as NEN3140 are often offered online.

Once in the Netherlands

Did you request an accommodation or car? Big chance your first stop will be office Ridderkerk.
Accommodations and cars are mostly issued from this location. You will receive an e-mail in advance, explaining the terms and conditions about the facilities.

On your way to your new address

Our facility department rents houses, which in most cases are suitable for several people. Of course you get your own room. Maybe you'll get a place in a house where it's fun to eat with your colleagues. If you prefer to eat alone after a long work day, that's fine too, of course. Doing the dishes together has proven to make friendships for life -just saying-.

Project information

The project information you will receive via e-mail. It contains all you need to know; what, where and when. Usually there is also a link to a road map. How convenient! Having a smartphone is highly recommended anyway. It's the easiest way to get to the information that we share with you online.

My Contract

Through Helloflex you get access to your own portal. Here you can find items like your weekly payslip, certificates and your annual statement (this document you might need for your tax claim).

The company documents that requires your signature, are also uploaded via Helloflex. One of those documents is 'Working for InAxtion', which contains all information about the terms, conditions and a reference to the NBBU collective labor agreement that we follow. On the NBBU website you can download the booklets in several languages. These describe what your rights are as an employee and what the rules are for us.

Who can I contact?

Your consultant remains your contact person. If you have a question, please ask.

Our consultants hold a SEU diploma, which means that they have knowledge of the laws and regulations in the staffing industry. Add to that, the fact that we have been assisting European employees for 25 years. Yes, you are dealing with a solid organization. So don't hesitate to ask your questions. It is important to us that you can trust us.

Want to know more? Give us a call, send us an app or send us an e-mail!