InAxtion opens branch in Bergen op Zoom

Experienced people from the region. Even better coverage of Brabant and Zeeland. And a branch right in the city centre. 'As far as we are concerned, we have all the ingredients to service both potential job seekers and new and current clients from this branch,' says Mario Janssen, branch manager of Terneuzen and, from 3 April onwards, the brand-new location in Bergen op Zoom.


'We were bursting at the seams in Terneuzen,' Mario continues. 'For us, this was a reason to look at what the best location for a new branch would be. We soon concluded this was the great Bergen op Zoom thanks to its unique location that allows for servicing both a part of Brabant and Zeeland. Moreover, the new location is right in the city centre at Arnoldus Asselbergstraat 25. The branch is very accessibly by bus and car and there are ample parking spots. Apart from that, it's only about a three-minute walk from Central Station.'


'Including myself, we will begin with four experienced consultants from the region with a lot of market knowledge. I feel this is a major advantage; together, we bring about 35 years of experience to the building. For me personally, it indicates quality and a sense of knowing what is going on. Both among clients and job seekers.' Mario says. 'We expect to find a lot of technical personnel for positions in mechanical engineering and E&I. There are a number of large companies in Brabant and Zeeland that are experiencing a lot of growth. And the demand for high-quality technical staff is increasing throughout the Netherlands and even across the border. Including Bergen op Zoom.'


'To job seekers, I'd say: come and visit. We'll have coffee at the ready. We intend on forming long-term working relationships with people based on permanent employment. Our team has people that have both feet planted firmly on the ground. Nearly all of them have a technical background or a lot of experience in the employment agency industry, as do I. I started as an electrician and then became an industry project leader. I have been working for InAxtion for ten years and now take up a position as branch manager. We often hear that this down-to-earth mentality is a nice experience for both clients and temporary workers I cordially invite everyone to see for themselves how things work in practice!' Mario concludes enthusiastically.