InAxtion Employee Survey Results 2023

This year’s employee survey results are finally in! A big thank you to all of our employees who took part. Your responses have helped us to see what we are doing well and where we have room to improve our employment services. 

The headline news? 94% of employees who took part in our survey would recommend InAxtion as an employer. We take that as a huge compliment – especially for our consultants and the companies we work with. At the same time, we know there’s still more we can do to improve. 

Here are the key findings from our 2023 survey. 

We have employees from 8 EU countries 

At InAxtion, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our workforce. Like the Netherlands itself, InAxtion has a broad cultural mix where everyone is welcome. This year, we recruited engineers from 8 different EU countries, including Portugal and Germany, Romania, and Poland.. 

We provide ‘decent’ accommodation and transport

We see ourselves as our employees’ family away from home. For that reason, we work hard to secure appropriate accommodation as well as reliable transportation to and from work. 86% of employees who took the survey rated their accommodation and transport as ‘decent’. 

Most of our employees receive additional training

Of those surveyed, 83% of our employees had taken the opportunity to complete training and courses to develop new skills and forward their careers. At the same time, 90% agree that they’re given new projects on time – so they don’t have long gaps between jobs. 

We value our employees and they value each other

In some countries, electrical and mechanical engineers are not always treated with the respect they deserve. The Netherlands tells a very different story, with 81% of InAxtion workers feeling valued, and almost 100% feeling respected by their co-workers. 

Employees are well-prepared and happy with the workload

Not only do 92% of our surveyed employees agree that we carefully match their skills and experience with their work placements, they also feel fully prepared before they start. What’s more, 93% of employees agree that their workload is acceptable and, in most cases, has the right level of challenge (84%). 

Consultants and projects managers communicate well

When dealing with employees of different nationalities, for whom Dutch or English may not be their home language, clear communication is essential. 86% of employees in the survey feel our communication is ‘clear’. 

We know that arriving for work in a new country is a daunting task, and so our consultants are there for you, trustworthy, and contactable. Most of the employees who took the survey (85%) feel they can trust their consultant, with 94% of them saying their consultant is ‘easy to reach’.

It’s really important to us that our employees feel part of the team when they’re on-site. So it’s great that 95% of those surveyed feel they have good contact with their project manager. This is a reflection of the great companies we work with to fill open roles.

There’s always more to do

We’d love to score 100% in every category, but we know that’s not always possible. However, we’d really like to hear your views. If you didn’t take part in the employee survey this time around, we encourage you to do so next time. 

Our employee survey is your chance to help make inAxtion even better! And don’t forget, we offer a fee of up to €1,000 for successfully referring new employees to us (as long as certain conditions are met). Discover more about employee referrals.