InAxtion certified again by foundation for flexible housing standards (SNF)

“Proper housing for your people is extremely important – especially for those who are far away from home,” says Marcel van Eck. He’s a Housing Specialist at InAxtion, which seconds technical personnel. “Recently, we were certified again by the Stichting Normering Flexwonen (foundation for flexible housing standards, or SNF), partly because we’re a member of the NBBU (Dutch association of intermediaries and temporary employment agencies). They perform an annual inspection of a home’s living space, fire safety, administration and management, and hygiene. The number of sanitary facilities and a cooking facility that allows people to cook their own meals are also taken into account. A hotel, for example, is no certified accommodation, because it doesn’t provide people with a kitchen of their own.”

Importance of privacy

“Like our clients, we observe time and again that professionals who are comfortable in their own skin structurally deliver better quality and get sick less often. For that reason alone, people’s living environment should be pleasant. We believe another contributing factor is the degree of privacy employees have in their living space. For example, SNF allows multiple people to stay in one bedroom. And that’s something we permanently avoid: each of our people has their own room where they can rest, relax, and unwind.”

In touch with home

“Furthermore, we do our utmost to accommodate people who know each other in the same house, so it will feel like home. Needless to say, there’s also a great Wi-Fi connection: after all, staying in touch with home – for example, through video calling – is indispensable when you’re making a living in a faraway country,” Marcel concludes.

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