How independent are your personnel?

Let’s take this question literally for a moment and imagine the following situation. A manager is off sick, there is a deadline looming and the team has indicated that it wants a leader. What is your solution? Perhaps you don't have one ready. No problem. You concentrate on your project and we will concentrate on ours: InAxtion is able to provide managers who know their business, who have not only been trained in the relevant field but are able to call on extensive practical experience. Our managers are people of character who are able to bring out the best in your team. But what about my deadline, you will ask. You can guess the answer: no problem. Independent or maybe not? Of course you could choose to make your own arrangements with that new manager you've just taken on. We would be the last to tell you not to go with it. On the other hand, would that really be sensible? In our line of work, we often come across a phenomenon we call pseudo self-employment. Pseudo self-employment is really a kind of social fraud. Usually it involves self-employed people who work for a client in the guise of employment. They appear to be independent but in fact they are anything but. The employer may not even be aware of the situation. This is a risky scenario, particularly for clients like you and especially now that the Declaration of Independent Contractor Status (Dutch: VAR) is being queried and the regulations surrounding employment status are getting stricter. The tax authorities will not hesitate to claim unpaid social contributions retroactively and may impose penalty fines. We can't change the facts of the situation for you, but we can make your life a great deal easier.

Concentrating on our core business

As far as we are concerned, everyone has their own expertise. We get a real energy boost when we deal with high-quality personnel and everything associated with it. We believe that doing what you are good at is the best guarantee for success. So let's start the new year the right way. You concentrate on your core business and we'll concentrate on ours.

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