How good are you at gardening?

The elections are over and a new political season started. Outside, leaves are growing in the trees and spring has also arrived in an economic sense. Things that previously had to be cut now are blooming. So we should now all make sure that we actually can grow.


Much like a garden requires watering and the care of a good gardener, our growing economy requires positivity. Positivity from the parties involved that is: employees, policy-makers and employees. Adding some fertilizer in time, sowing some seeds here and there, removing unwanted weeds and calmly observing: these are all elements that contribute to a flowering garden. These skills also apply to working with technical experts.


Seeing opportunities, investing in good and motivated people and daring to look at a successful future together are great starting factors. Be sure not to focus too much on the negative, because even though you might not agree with the results of the elections, it is still what we have to work with. Or if you are already having trouble finding the right person for the job, then focus on the people who are available. Work on relationships, maintain your network and opt to seize every opportunity that crosses your path in the comforting knowledge that the economy is growing. And then what? Then you will be fine. Fine with the political situation. Fine with our economy. And, above all, fine with your chances as an entrepreneur. Before you know it, you are accepting a great project, are finding the right personnel for it and are closing off a busy working week with a smile on your face. Just like a gardener looks upon his great-looking garden with satisfaction after a hard day's work.