Holidays and better technical staff

The home stretch is often the hardest, and even more so when you know that you have a lovely holiday in France or Italy ahead of you. Some respite from tight daily schedules, the pressure to earn money, and the challenge of finding the right staff for the job. Nothing on your mind, except the taste of an ice-cold beer by the side of the pool.


Holidays are about relaxation with a capital R. As well you should. However, they can also be times of reflection. And not in the woolly sense of the word, of course. We at InAxtion are anything but woolly. What we mean to say is that your holiday is a time for you to look back on the past couple of months and re-evaluate. What went well at work? And what didn’t? And why did it not go well? Did you fail to hire the right man for the job? Perhaps? Maybe it was because you were paying too much attention to prices, and thus compromising on the quality of that plumber, pipe fitter or welder?


After your holiday (a moment that’s hopefully a long ways away), you might be tempted to slip right back into the daily grind within a day or two. However, you should try to hold on to that relaxed holiday spirit and look at your staff, workplace, and the collaboration between all of the moving parts with fresh eyes. This is incredibly important, because being clear-headed and focused as you head into the second half of the year can make all the difference: in terms of profit, in terms of successful project completion, but most of all in terms of the peace of mind afforded to you when you realise, day in and day out, that the dedicated, reliable people you’ve hired feel responsible and know what they’re about. And before you’ll know it, the Christmas holidays will have arrived. But until then, we’d like to wish you a wonderful vacation!