Good technicians and long-term employment


Clients in the technical industry are increasingly looking for specialised solutions to their problems. New ways of working together are becoming more common, such as with self-employed individuals, which puts clients such as yourself at more risk. This is why you have to make the right choice of temporary staff, based on their knowledge and expertise and a bond of mutual trust.


The best business strategy in the world is employing dedicated people who know exactly what is required of them, because they have been working for you for a long time, and because they feel valued and as though they are in the right place. That’s today’s challenge: holding on to talented people. After all, there aren’t that many. “Whenever we come across talented people, we give it our all to hold on to them. We hire them, invest in their training, offer excellent social security benefits and put them in contact with clients. All this serves to strengthen that long-term relationship, and to ensure that we have the right people for the job,” says Marc van Ravenstein, founder and owner of InAxtion.


“Clients often ask us how to know which staff member is the right one for the job. Our answer is direct and makes sense: we purposefully opt for quality every time. We really examine the person, ask them the right questions, and pay attention to their attitude. All of these factors play a role. And last but not least, it’s also a matter of experience, a certain gut feeling. If someone has been working with us for 10 years, on 20 different jobs, gathering nothing but good reviews, and has the right papers for the job, then they’re probably the right one for the job. That’s why we hired them, after all. We make sure to treat people like that right. When we give clients that answer, they are often lost for words for a bit. I can almost hear them thinking, ‘if this temping agency is willing to offer someone a permanent contract, they must be a really good worker!’ And they always are. Our strategy is to focus on building relationships, because that’s what works and works best, for all of the parties involved.”